Cunningham Solicitor Legal Services Limerick

Cunningham Solicitors is an independent legal practice offering a full range of legal services in Limerick. We’re recognised for our progressive, highly innovative team of legal solicitors committed to delivering nothing but top-brass services and the highest possible value to our clients in Limerick.

Our Range of Services

As a legal practice committed to making life easy for our clients, Cunningham Solicitors offers a comprehensive array of legal services to public, private, and corporate clients in Limerick and across Ireland. We draw on the experience and in-depth knowledge of our expert solicitor, Dean Cunningham, to offer exemplary legal advice and representation in the following practice areas:

  • Employment law
  • Information technology law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Trademark law
  • Software licensing
  • Start-ups
  • In-house counsel legal plans
  • The legal hour
  • Company law
  • Data protection
  • IT dispute resolution

Why Choose Cunningham Solicitors?

Cunningham Solicitors remains one of the most sought-out legal practice firms in Limerick because:

We Put Our Clients First

Our mission is to achieve utmost excellence across all our specialist practice areas and to be the legal voice of our clients in Limerick.

We achieve this through the persistent pursuit of clientele needs and by prioritising clientele goals to develop legal solutions that aren’t just efficient but also highly professional, practical, and impartial.

Whether you want to file an employment law claim or need legal advice on intellectual property law, we’ll work with you closely to ensure you understand every step of the legal process.

To us, prioritizing clientele needs means being there for you always, which is why other than delivering exemplary legal services in Limerick, we always respond to all client queries within 24 hours.

We Boast a Highly Experienced and Capable Leader

Dean Cunningham, a highly experienced lawyer and a proactive entrepreneur with your best interests at heart, leads Cunningham Solicitors. Before Cunningham Solicitors, Dean was the co-founder of Blackrock Technologies, a leading consulting firm for IT organisations acquired by an American-based firm, AnglePoint Group Inc. He was also the team leader for Dell Technologies’ EMEA Software Licensing Compliance Team.

Dean brings over ten years of experience to Cunningham Solicitors and is well-versed with complex software licensing issues and IT disputes. He has the legal and technological knowledge, skills, and resources to guide through a wide range of challenging and complex legal matters.

We Pride Ourselves on a Vast Network

Besides having an experienced and competent leader, Cunningham Solicitors stands out from other firms for its vast network of reputable partners in the legal and tech sectors. 

Our dynamic, attention-to-detail, and client-focused legal strategies have seen us work with some of the biggest names in tech. We even happen to be the preferred legal partner of the co-working space giant, Republic of Work.

Our experiences with these companies have helped us develop a rich culture and gain first-hand insight into the challenges that Irish start-ups face. That makes us better able to serve our clients because we can tailor solutions that fit their exact needs regardless of how challenging their legal issue might be.

Our Core Values

Cunningham Solicitors runs on the following core values:

Utmost Professionalism

We endeavor to remain highly professional in all our dealings with our clients. Whether you need legal advice on a minor issue or legal guidance on a potential claim, we’ll always respond with utmost professional etiquette, strict confidentiality, and discretion.

Respect and Integrity

We believe we’re who we’re today because of our clients. We’re committed to doing well for the community we serve, and we believe in doing things the right way every time.

Our reputation is built on optimal legal results achieved through professionalism, sheer empathy, compassion, respect, and extreme integrity. 

We have your best interest at heart and want you to feel secure knowing we’ll proficiently and comprehensively address your legal needs in Limerick. 

Let Us Help You

At Cunningham Solicitors, we aim to deliver highly professional, independent, and honest legal advice and achieve the best possible outcomes for each of our clients in Limerick. Our vision is to make law accessible and facilitate the progress of our clients through continuous innovation and integrity.

For expert legal advice and inquiries, drop us an email at