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Business-related legal tasks require solicitors with specialist business expertise. Dean Cunningham, the practice Principal of Cunningham Solicitors, is an entrepreneur at heart and a lawyer by profession.

Dean has worked as a legal advisor for Dell Technologies and has the kind of experience and knowledge it’s difficult to find with a run-of-the-mill law firm.

Our Services

Cunningham Solicitors works with businesses and individual clients all over Dublin and Ireland across an impressive range of legal practice areas.

We offer services including:

  • Employment Law
  • Information Technology Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Trademark Law
  • Software Licensing
  • Start-ups
  • The In-House Counsel Legal Plan
  • The Legal Hour
  • Company Law
  • Data Protection
  • IT Dispute Resolutions

Some of our areas of specialty include Employment Law, GDPR, IT Law, IP Law, Company Law, and Software Law. Find out more in our website videos.

Our solicitors will protect and advance your interests. This is an area where you need the very best legal expertise for the world of business, and that is what you find with Cunningham Solicitors Legal Services in Dublin.

Commercial Law Services

We provide advice and services in every area of commercial and corporate law. These include:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Agency and distribution
  • Gaming and lotteries law
  • Anti-bribery compliance
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Trademark registration
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Commission and introduction agreement
  • Consumer rights
  • Terms and conditions of business
  • Confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements
  • Franchise agreements

Corporate Law Services

Cunningham Solicitors Legal Services also offers a full array of corporate law advice and services, including:

  • Corporate finance
  • Company formations
  • Capital restructuring and re-organisations
  • Joint ventures
  • Angel investment
  • Director’s duties
  • Banking, finance and security
  • Venture capital
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Shareholders’ agreements

Information Technology Law

We provide advice in every area of IT law, including:

  • Telecommunications
  • App development contracts
  • Software pricing strategy
  • Software and hardware development agreements
  • Terms of business
  • Website audits
  • Website terms and conditions
  • End-user software license agreements
  • Software sales/bookings strategy
  • Software verification/audit rights
  • Acceptance testing
  • Change control procedures
  • Website hosting and development agreements
  • Software as a service agreements
  • Hosted managed services agreement
  • Software escrow agreements
  • IT dispute resolution services
  • Cyber Security – Compromise Assessments

Register Your Trademark

Trademark law is one of our specialties. Many business owners want to register a trademark and understand the benefits, but they don’t know the next step. That is where we will step in.

Having a trademark will create greater value for your brand and confidence in it. It will also give you a stronger sense of certainty. The legal protections it affords almost go without saying. A trademark gives a strong signal to anyone thinking about infringing on your intellectual property that you will tolerate it.

In-House Counsel Legal Plan

Cunningham Solicitors Legal Services gives new and growing businesses the chance to enjoy the benefits of an affordable in-house counsel legal plan. If you are an entrepreneur, perhaps you thought that having in-house counsel was out of reach. Cunningham Solicitors Legal Services takes pride in making this a possibility.

Our In-House Counsel Legal Plan is perfect for Dublin startups and entrepreneurs. It will help you plan a legal strategy and get the benefit of a solicitor’s expertise with your business venture. And don’t forget how much you will enjoy saying, “Let me call my lawyer first.”

Free Consultation

There is no obligation when you enjoy a free consultation. Email us via our Contact page or call us by phone. Zoom consultations are also available. During the consultation, we will inform you of the necessary legal action and what this will likely cost. If you decide to engage us, we will send documents including our standard engagement terms, notice of the agreed costs, and our anti-money laundering criteria.

How Quickly Do Our Solicitors Work?

This will depend on the novelty of the legal issues involved, their complexities, and the kind of legal work that needs to be done. You will be informed of all expected timeframes for delivery before you make your decision.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help.

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