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Cunningham Solicitors are a world-class law firm dedicated to providing the best legal services you could ask for. We are proud to let you know that we now offer our legal services in Waterford.

“Legal insight, business instinct,” represents the ethos of our firm and we possess both the legal knowledge and business experience to back this up.

Dean Cunningham, our practice principal, is both a lawyer and an entrepreneur. Dean will always have his clients’ best interests at heart while using his knowledge as a lawyer and an entrepreneur to help his clients achieve their goals. Dean has gathered vast knowledge and experience from his years of working as a legal advisor to Dell Technologies.

Cunningham Solicitors work with a wide range of clients, ranging startups to international clients. We are qualified and experienced in many legal service areas. Some of these areas include employment law, intellectual property law, and trademark law.

Employment Law

Employment law governs and regulates the employer-employee relationship and is underpinned by a complex legal regime. It includes a wide range of subjects that have the common goal of balancing employees’ rights against the rights of the employer and vice versa. Employment law helps to promote health and safety at work, prevent discrimination and with the overall aim to ultimately prevent work disruption.

Cunningham Solicitors is well placed to work with and represent both employees and employers that are faced with employment law challenges.

Information Technology Law

Having spent many years working in-house in the IT Industry, I know how big tech and small tech companies operate. SaaS Contracts, Hosted Service Agreements, Software Licensing, Units of Measure, Software Pricing, End-User license entitlements, Reseller Agreement, Third Party Rights to Use, Enterprise License Agreements, Support and Maintenance Agreements, Software Licensing Disputes, IT outsourcing agreements, I have seen it all and more. There’s a lot of law firms out there that say they “do” IT Law, but what they “do” is apply commercial law experience and muddle through the technical details. Ignoring the “Technology” part of “Information Technology Law” is missing a big part of the equation! Understanding the technical aspects of the IT product/service is key to providing sound and credible IT Law advice.

At Cunningham Solicitors, we have worked in the IT industry and managed hundreds of large multi-million-euro IT disputes on behalf of many multinational companies.

The In-House Counsel Legal Plan

The in-house counsel deals with protecting a company’s assets and making sure its operations are legal. In-house counsel can help oversee and offer advice regarding the company’s legal issues, such as policy and employment law.

We are experienced with Irish start-ups and the issues they face. Contact us for legal advice to ensure your business is protected and to discover that having an in-house legal counsel is not as expensive as you may think.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law entails the regulations for enforcing rights to designs, inventions, and artistic work. Intellectual property law protects the ownership of both tangible assets such as real estate and intangible assets such as ideas.

Cunningham Solicitors can help you understand what IP your business holds and can help you put in place the strategies to protect such IP.

Trademark Law

A trademark is a symbol, word, or phrase that is used to identify or distinguish a specific producer or seller’s products or services from others. Trademark law helps to prevent a business’s identity from being appropriated. It helps to protect the business’s brand and commercial identity by dissuading other organisations from using a name and logo that is too similar to an already registered trademark.

Cunningham Solicitors will keep your business’s best interests at heart and ensure that your trademarks are protected.

Other Services

We also offer help for the following:

  • Start-ups
  • The Legal Hour
  • Company Law
  • Data Protection
  • IT Dispute Resolutions.

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