How Cunningham Solicitors can help with your Quest Audit

Cunningham Solicitors can help with precise technical and contractual defence strategies.

During Reporting phase:

  • Preparation of precise legal and technical defense strategies keeping potential findings from being included in the Findings Report.
  • Stress-testing of the compliance risks identified in the Findings Report to ensure fair and accurate interpretation of license metrics and contractual terms.
  • Preparation of technical and contractual explanations that address any inaccurate findings in the report prior to presentation of the settlement statement.

During Settlement phase:

  • Preparation of precise legal and technical defense strategies designed to reach a fair and amicable settlement.  
  • Managing audit exit and settlement in the following ways:
    • Drafting / Negotiation of clear and unambiguous waive and release language.
    • Co-terming of maintenance renewal periods to make future management of versions easier.
    • Drafting / Negotiating Enterprise license agreements (where required) to address future growth needs and alleviate future compliance risks.
    • Amend the contractual licensing terms to allow for greater flexibility and easier management of deployments.
    • Drafting / negotiation of the audit/verification clause to ensure that future audit process is transparent and detailed.
    • Drafting / negotiation of an “audit moratorium”.

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