Trademark Law

Trademark Law – Protect the future of your brand.

Trademark Law

Building a brand is not easy and you need to protect it. Registering a Trademark and business name is a critical step that your business must take ensure its brand is not open to abuse.

There are numerous advantages to having a properly registered mark:

• enforcement of the rights associated with a mark can be relatively straightforward rather than relying on the common law doctrine of “passing-off” that can be expensive time-consuming and stressful.

• Make your business more attractive to investors. It can be an issue for an investor where a brand is not protected by a Trademark prior to investment.

• A trademark is an asset to your business, that can be exploited in the future, through licensing arrangements.

•The registration lasts for 10 years and is renewable thereafter.

•It can deter the use of similar domain names that potentially drive e-commerce traffic away from your business.

We provide the following services in relation Trademarks:

• Registration of trade marks in Ireland, the UK and community trade marks in Europe.

• Pre-filing searches to determine the suitability of registering a particular mark.

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